Welcome to Harbour Waterway Special District (HWSD)


The HWSD is a Special Dependent District created by the City Council of Jacksonville, Florida on October 12, 2010.  The district consists of the properties and easements associated with a canal system that is common to four independent neighborhoods in the Fort Caroline area.


The express duties of the District are to maintain the Navigability of our Canal System, to manage our spoil site on Reed Island, and to administer the regulations for the waterway. The district was created to guaranty the routine dredging of the waterway, through the collection of non-ad valorem assessments. 



2019 DREDGING PROJECT:  The HWSD 2019 Dredging Project has begun as of September 26.  


Dredging has begun in Mill Cove under the power lines and will move east at a rate of about 200 feet per day.  Boat traffic is restricted due to the floating discharge pipe blocking the canal.  In addition, the dredge has submerged anchors and cables positioned on either side of the channel to maneuver the dredge back and forth across the channel.  DO NOT ATTEMPT to run over the discharge pipe or the anchors, it will severely damage your boat and engine.


Please make preparations to move floating boats out of the waterway for the dredge.  Boats on boat lifts may remain in the canal.  We anticipate the dredging operations will take 90 - 120 days.


DREDGING UPDATE:  Dredging has completed to Fort Caroline Road.  For the next 1 - 2 weeks, the dredger will be doing additional dredging of problem areas as they demobilize.   We anticipate having the canal system and channel open for boat traffic by February 15.


If you have questions, please call Stanley at (904) 642-0097




The Harbour Waterway Special District holds regularly scheduled meetings on the second tuesday of the month at the Resurrection Episcopal Church all members of the district and the public are welcome to attend.



Spammers are using the HWSD.ORG name as a fake source for EMAILS containing a ZIP file with a malware embedded in it.  Please do NOT open any of these ZIP files.  HWSD.ORG will never SEND you a ZIP file!